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5 Most Popular Rummy Games

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in the world which was played by most of the countries in various variants. They rummy have its own rules depending on the country and culture. Rummy is the quick and easiest game to learn and play. As the game involves skill rather than luck, it will be really interesting to play and the excitement and fun involved in the game is always sky-scraping. There are wide variety in the rummy games, below are five most popular rummy card games across the globe.

Gin Rummy is played between two players with a standard set of 52 cards. Gin Rummy involves the forming the melds and eliminating the deadwoods. A player who forms the melds first is the winner of the round and gets the points of deadwood of opponents. Player who reaches the agreed points first will win the game.  Gin rummy variations are Straight Gin, Oklahoma Gin, Hollywood Gin, Single match and multi match gin.

Canasta is another popular card game usually considered as the variant of 500 Rum. Canasta is played by four in two partnerships with 2 decks of cards. In the game, players try to make melds of seven cards of the same rank. The game is played differently in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Italy and Uruguay.

Contract Rummy game is also known as combination rummy.  Contract rummy is based on Gin rummy played by 3 to 8 players with multiple decks of cards. Each game is based on 7 rounds of hand.  Winner of the game gets zero points and the other will get the count of their cards. The winner is player with least score.

Kalooki is also similar to Contract rummy which is famous in Jamaica.  The objective of the game is to get rid of the cards by melding. The game is played with wild cards, which is, Joker. Kalooki carried different number of jokers in different versions. Card points varies from country to country like Joker will have 15 -25 points.

Indian Rummy is the popular card game in India which will be played by individuals and families as well on special occasion. The game is played with 13 cards with a deck of cards. Players have to meld cards in sequences or sets. A player who completes the meld is the winner of the round. There are different versions in Indian online rummy like Bestof3, Points rummy and Pool rummy.