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Gin Rummy Card Game

Gin Rummy Card GameGin Rummy, most popular among cards games, is usually played between two to four players with 10 cards at hand.

The objective of playing Gin rummy card game is to complete the hand by making as many sets and sequences possible out of the ten cards available and keep the point value of the unmatched cards at the lowest. Continue reading

History of Card Games

History of Card GamesThe origin of card games is not clearly known. Different theories came up with different proofs of the origin at different places.

To get the history of card games we have to go back to the time of dominoes or tiles that Chinese gamblers and game players used as the medium for their competitions before the cards were created. Playing cards were known to be introduced by the Chinese after the invention of paper. Continue reading

What is Rummy Card Game?

Rummy Card GamesRummy is a classical game played by many people across the world. The origin of the game rummy is not clearly known but is actively played in most of the countries.

Rummy is a 13 card game which is based on matching the similar cards or making sets out of the 13 cards, by replacing the cards in hand with the pile of cards that can be drawn or with the cards discarded by the opponent. Continue reading