21 Cards Rummy May Have More Cards, But Is it As Much Fun?

By | November 28, 2013

13vs21cardgame21 cards rummy is a popular rummy variant which jostles for space with 13 card rummy in the Indian mind. But is it really difficult to choose between the two? Let’s first see how 21 card rummy and 13 card rummy differ before we make a choice.

When 21 cards are there for you to handle, the bunch may feel unwieldy when playing real time. But in case of online card games, whether you are playing with 21 or 13, the software melds them for you. Not much of hard work there.

The player needs to make three pure sequences instead of the two sequences required by 13 card rummy. Well, you could say some more brain work and some more alertness are required. But when one looks at the work involved and the returns, 13 cards rummy certainly seems like a better go. Atleast you don’t have to be doubly cautious while dropping cards!

The challenge could well be higher. 21 cards rummy is played with three decks of cards and the complexity of the game is greater when compared with 13 card rummy. When playing with 13 cards, two lives make the show and it is simplistic enough for everyone to understand. 21 cards on the other hand can be arranged variously.

You could show three pure sequences and arrange the remaining cards in sets or sequences. You could make three tunnelas (sets of same value same suit cards) and leave the rest unarranged. You could also make eight dublees (printed jokers grouped together form a valid Dublee). There are more variation allowed and subsequently more is the complication.

That said, 13 cards rummy, (whew!!) does carry the vibes of a serious blessing!

Given that card game sites pick up the most popular rules to not seem unfriendly to players, they, at the same time, don’t want to make it too easy for everyone.  It is skill that will make the kill in rummy and utilizing skill for wining cash is much easier in 13 card rummy.

Many rummy players say that though 21 cards rummy offers a change from 13 cards version, it is in fact the 13 cards version which is highly engaging and hence more appealing. www.ace2three.com, the hottest online rummy hub which offers Points rummy, Pool rummy, 101 National (all 13 card rummy games) has not witnessed any dip in player numbers inspite of the 21 card games making an entry into the market.

With some of the best 13 card games available on www.ace2three.com, it apparently is worthwhile to play simple and win more cash at 13 card rummy!

21 or 13 card rummy, the fun factor is always up at www.ace2three.com. Click to play now!

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