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By | November 13, 2013


Looking for free card games? They are all over the place and you must surely be confused over which one to choose. Your search ends at, a site that offers you loads of thrilling free card games. If you like rummy and want to play without investing cash, then regular rummy card games and free roll tourneys at are the ones for you. Many players who like to play rummy and don’t want to shed cash usually prefer the online version.

You don’t have to spend a single pie. All you need to do is register and have fun. Yet another advantage is that, though you are a free player, you get to pick up the attractive cash incentives offered on registration.

In spite of it being a free card game, takes online rummy a notch above the rest. The site is a cut above the other online rummy gaming sites owing to the edgy tournaments, thrilling cash prizes and the sheer size of the cash prizes involved. Such hard work reflects in the engaging game and user friendly presentation they have on offer. And the fan following the site has is the payoff for all the sweat. The site indeed makes rummy work for all those interested, players or not.

A free card game is also favored by those keen on learning rummy to a tee. Not everyone is gifted with smashing rummy strategy. And anyone desirous of winning cash would want to oil their strategy before throwing in good money. The best facility then is to go through a free card game!

It is not just the free card games and the impressive array of incentives that people get on registration and playing on this rummy site.

The rummy tourneys are quite mind-blowing too! While the recent Diwali Rummy Tourney offered 10 Lakhs, the earlier Independence Day rummy tourney set the tempo with 5 Lakhs!! Now this certainly is a rummy gaming trend to watch out for!!

For free card games free of cost right away…Log on to and play a free card game .

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