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Will You Choose Rummy Over Poker Card Games

Card GamesPoker is popular.  It has always been so in the west with celebrities, novels, Television all having an element of poker in them. Poker is one of the classic card games played in casinos the world over. Popular poker variations include Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.

The present online card game market however looks like its host to rummy more than poker or bridge or other such card games. It’s not that these games aren’t interesting. The opposite of good need not always be bad. It is that rummy is easier, simpler, fetching and doesn’t challenge the player as much with rules and complications. For a better understanding, let’s take a look at how poker games work.

Like all other card games, poker is played using a standard 4-suit 52-card deck. The game can be played by 2 to 7 players and the deal and play are clockwise. Usually, the ace is the highest ranking card but sometimes, it may be assigned a lower rank. The wild card or joker too may come into play in this card game. But more often than not poker is considered to have no jokers. When show down happens, players other than the winner compare their cards based on the card rankings. For the purposes of comparing hands all suits are equal.

The game of poker can be easily summarized thus:

  1. The game may be played for a bet, in which case players put together their money chips into what is called a pot or pool.
  2. The dealer or button then deal out cards to everyone
  3. Once the cards are dealt, players may increase their contribution to the pot and other players have to follow suit. This is called folding.
  4. One betting round ends when all active players have contributed an equal amount to the pot. Based on the poker variant being played, players may exchange cards over several betting rounds
  5. At the end of the last betting round the player with the best five cards wins the pot.

That said, the online rummy card game certainly seems simpler and more user friendly.

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Bridge Card Game Vs 13 Cards Rummy

im7.jpgBridge games are for the complexity lovers. Choose rummy for an easy game and easy cash winnings!

Bridge games are as popular as rummy the world over. But many of us noticed that rummy as a card game has grabbed more bandwidth than bridge. Sites such as are proof of this phenomenon. It is interesting to know a little more about bridge before we go further.

Contract bridge, Rubber Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Chicago are a few of the bridge game varieties.

Coming to the cards used in the game, it is played using 52 cards the same as rummy. 13 cards are dealt to each player, again like rummy in a clockwise direction. The deuce is the lowest card with the ace being the highest ranking card.

The game of bridge is usually played amongst four players. The players have to partner into twos to play the bridge game. Players sitting opposite each other usually pair up and attempt to win as many tricks as possible. In rummy though, every player is by himself and there is no concept of partnership whatsoever.

The ‘trick’ is four cards contributed one each by each player. After one player places a card face up on the table, the remaining players follow this lead card with a card from the same suit. The highest ranking card thus produced will win the trick for the player who has contributed it. If the following player does not have a card of the same suit as the lead card, he can produce a trump card, which is essentially the most powerful and high value card in the game.

Bridge games revolve around bidding. Bidding begins with the decision of playing with no trump or with a specific trump suit. The ‘bid’ in itself is a combination of a number and a word. The word refers to the suit or no trump in which the player hopes the contract will be played. The number refers to the number of tricks the partnership is willing to commit to over the book of six.

The rule book for bridge games goes on like this. No wonder many say bridge is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Rummy players on the other hand swear by the ease of the game of rummy. It is not surprising then that the rummy card game has immense acceptance both offline and online.

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Classic Rummy Games – Classic Choice of Avid Rummy Player!

gameofrummyLooking for a good game of Rummy? Choose from classic rummy games

Rummy, as several online rummy gaming sites discuss and as we all know is quite an old and popular card game. Considering the geographical spread of the game, it is not surprising to note the number of Rummy variants that have evolved. Be it Europe or Asia or the Americas, there is some form of the card game which is popular and accepted.

In India too, there are several versions though the rules may not be drastically different. So, if you are familiar with any one version, it’s relatively easy to play the other variants of Indian rummy.

Now most online sites offer almost the same rummy game, the one that is popularly known as the classical Indian Rummy.

At, Indian Classic Rummy is offered to all, both in free and in paid versions.

How to play Classic Rummy Games:

Classic Indian Rummy game involves making valid sets out of 13 cards. Each player is dealt 13 cards initially; each has to draw and discard cards by turns till one player has valid sets and makes a correct show. All games in Ace2Three follow the rules of Classic Indian Rummy making it easy for anyone to ace any of the rummy variants available.

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Three variants are offered in Classic Rummy Games at 101 Pool, 201 Pool and Best of 3.

101 Pool is an interesting Classic Rummy game variant where the goal is to keep the non life or set cards to a minimum and not reach the 101 sum quickly. The winner is assigned zero score and the others are given scores according to the value of cards in their hand which so not belong to a valid life or set. Once the value of these deadwood cards reaches 101, these players are eliminated from the game.

201 Pool is yet another Classic Rummy game which is the same as the 101 Pool. The only difference as the name suggests is that the elimination score here is 201 points.

Best of 3 obviously is Classic Rummy played in three rounds. The player who has the least deadwood count in these rounds is the winner.

Classic Rummy is easy for those who diligently practice the game. The rules are simple and the game is thrilling. Cash winnings make the game even more inviting than other card games online.

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Ultimate Card Game in India

ultimate card gameCards have special place in our culture from the history.  From the day of Kingdoms to democracy, everybody used cards for entertainment. Card games are famous on special occasions like festivals and marriages.

Playing cards has become a tradition in special occasion for fun and entertainment. There are thousands of card game variants available to play.  No matter what age you are and what gender you are! Most of the card games are simple to understand and play it.

Popular Card Games to Choose

Among the card games, Teenpatti, Bridge and Rummy are famous. The three card games are played by all ages regularly and occasionally. The easiness of the game made them more popular across India. Especially Rummy 13 card game gained more popularity across the globe. With the growing popularity, the rummy game took new shape in the internet world.

Online rummy games are now available on internet to play. Minimizing the physical hassles to zero, Rummy games on internet created new form of entertainment with least difficulties. All you need is internet; you can play rummy any time. Players like you are always available on tables to play rummy for free and cash as well.

Playing Rummy Online Made Easy

Play rummy online is made easy with India’s first online rummy portal started with free rummy games. Ace2three made rummy most enjoyable and entertaining. As the game involves skill, Rummy has become completely legal to play in India as per the court of law. One can play rummy card games for cash as well.

Rummy stands as the ultimate rummy game in India as the wide range rummy games are available on internet. Starting from Pool games, Point games and best of deals and new flavor 101 national, Rummy gives you various choices to choose from.

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Yes, Rummy Tournaments are one of the best ways to win big. The cash prizes in the tournaments starts from Rs. 10000 to Lakhs. Yes one can win Lakhs of cash prizes by participating and winning in rummy tournaments., India no 1 rummy site recently gave away 20 Lakh Cash prizes on Diwali Season with Biggest Diwali Rummy Tournaments Diwali TheMaal.

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Gin Rummy – Game of Luck?

gin-rummyGin Rummy is a modern variation of standard rummy invented jointly by celebrated American screenwriter and director Charles Graham Baker and his whist teacher father Elwood T Baker, in 1909 at New York. It became an instant hit with Hollywood stars who loved playing the game on movie sets amidst takes.

Believed to be faster than the standard rummy the game shot to popularity during the great depression and still remains hugely popular among online card games players even today. But how does Gin Rummy fare against 13 Card Rummy as a game? Before we decide on which is the better online rummy game, here is a brief intro about the rules of Gin Rummy.

Unlike in standard rummy, the aces hold the lowest value and cannot be paired with face cards to form a sequence. All face cards carry 10 points and the rest are worth their respective number value.

Played with a standard 52-cards-deck by two players, who are dealt 10 cards each, arranging the cards in matched sets or sequences while keeping the value of the unarranged cards as low as possible is the purpose of the game.

A player must have fewer than 10 points of deadwood to knock. Scores are based on the combined value of deadwood – the unmatched cards – in the opponent’s hands.  In multi-match games players’ scores are accumulated until a pre-determined winning score is reached.

Gin Rummy is all about being the first to get the deadwood score under 10, and is much faster than regular rummy. However, getting a hang of keeping score and all the bonus- point-scenarios – Gin, Big Gin, Undercut, Knock Points…etc will take some getting used to for new online card games player looking to win cash fast.

While it is faster than standard 13 card rummy, it is definitely more complex. You will have to play many free card games to hone your skills. While the Gin Rummy experts might love the complexity, it all boils down to what cards you are served and hence element of luck becomes a big factor in winning games than in good old 13 card rummy.

The real kick of playing online rummy is to win cash. So by that measure the 13 Card Rummy gives both the experts and the amateurs a better chance to win cash. Need we say more?

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