Bridge Card Game Vs 13 Cards Rummy

By | December 20, 2013

im7.jpgBridge games are for the complexity lovers. Choose rummy for an easy game and easy cash winnings!

Bridge games are as popular as rummy the world over. But many of us noticed that rummy as a card game has grabbed more bandwidth than bridge. Sites such as are proof of this phenomenon. It is interesting to know a little more about bridge before we go further.

Contract bridge, Rubber Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Chicago are a few of the bridge game varieties.

Coming to the cards used in the game, it is played using 52 cards the same as rummy. 13 cards are dealt to each player, again like rummy in a clockwise direction. The deuce is the lowest card with the ace being the highest ranking card.

The game of bridge is usually played amongst four players. The players have to partner into twos to play the bridge game. Players sitting opposite each other usually pair up and attempt to win as many tricks as possible. In rummy though, every player is by himself and there is no concept of partnership whatsoever.

The ‘trick’ is four cards contributed one each by each player. After one player places a card face up on the table, the remaining players follow this lead card with a card from the same suit. The highest ranking card thus produced will win the trick for the player who has contributed it. If the following player does not have a card of the same suit as the lead card, he can produce a trump card, which is essentially the most powerful and high value card in the game.

Bridge games revolve around bidding. Bidding begins with the decision of playing with no trump or with a specific trump suit. The ‘bid’ in itself is a combination of a number and a word. The word refers to the suit or no trump in which the player hopes the contract will be played. The number refers to the number of tricks the partnership is willing to commit to over the book of six.

The rule book for bridge games goes on like this. No wonder many say bridge is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Rummy players on the other hand swear by the ease of the game of rummy. It is not surprising then that the rummy card game has immense acceptance both offline and online.

For a quick game of rummy, log on to!

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