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By | December 19, 2013

gameofrummyLooking for a good game of Rummy? Choose from classic rummy games

Rummy, as several online rummy gaming sites discuss and as we all know is quite an old and popular card game. Considering the geographical spread of the game, it is not surprising to note the number of Rummy variants that have evolved. Be it Europe or Asia or the Americas, there is some form of the card game which is popular and accepted.

In India too, there are several versions though the rules may not be drastically different. So, if you are familiar with any one version, it’s relatively easy to play the other variants of Indian rummy.

Now most online sites offer almost the same rummy game, the one that is popularly known as the classical Indian Rummy.

At, Indian Classic Rummy is offered to all, both in free and in paid versions.

How to play Classic Rummy Games:

Classic Indian Rummy game involves making valid sets out of 13 cards. Each player is dealt 13 cards initially; each has to draw and discard cards by turns till one player has valid sets and makes a correct show. All games in Ace2Three follow the rules of Classic Indian Rummy making it easy for anyone to ace any of the rummy variants available.

Classic rummy game variants at

Three variants are offered in Classic Rummy Games at 101 Pool, 201 Pool and Best of 3.

101 Pool is an interesting Classic Rummy game variant where the goal is to keep the non life or set cards to a minimum and not reach the 101 sum quickly. The winner is assigned zero score and the others are given scores according to the value of cards in their hand which so not belong to a valid life or set. Once the value of these deadwood cards reaches 101, these players are eliminated from the game.

201 Pool is yet another Classic Rummy game which is the same as the 101 Pool. The only difference as the name suggests is that the elimination score here is 201 points.

Best of 3 obviously is Classic Rummy played in three rounds. The player who has the least deadwood count in these rounds is the winner.

Classic Rummy is easy for those who diligently practice the game. The rules are simple and the game is thrilling. Cash winnings make the game even more inviting than other card games online.

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