Gin Rummy – Game of Luck?

By | December 5, 2013

gin-rummyGin Rummy is a modern variation of standard rummy invented jointly by celebrated American screenwriter and director Charles Graham Baker and his whist teacher father Elwood T Baker, in 1909 at New York. It became an instant hit with Hollywood stars who loved playing the game on movie sets amidst takes.

Believed to be faster than the standard rummy the game shot to popularity during the great depression and still remains hugely popular among online card games players even today. But how does Gin Rummy fare against 13 Card Rummy as a game? Before we decide on which is the better online rummy game, here is a brief intro about the rules of Gin Rummy.

Unlike in standard rummy, the aces hold the lowest value and cannot be paired with face cards to form a sequence. All face cards carry 10 points and the rest are worth their respective number value.

Played with a standard 52-cards-deck by two players, who are dealt 10 cards each, arranging the cards in matched sets or sequences while keeping the value of the unarranged cards as low as possible is the purpose of the game.

A player must have fewer than 10 points of deadwood to knock. Scores are based on the combined value of deadwood – the unmatched cards – in the opponent’s hands.  In multi-match games players’ scores are accumulated until a pre-determined winning score is reached.

Gin Rummy is all about being the first to get the deadwood score under 10, and is much faster than regular rummy. However, getting a hang of keeping score and all the bonus- point-scenarios – Gin, Big Gin, Undercut, Knock Points…etc will take some getting used to for new online card games player looking to win cash fast.

While it is faster than standard 13 card rummy, it is definitely more complex. You will have to play many free card games to hone your skills. While the Gin Rummy experts might love the complexity, it all boils down to what cards you are served and hence element of luck becomes a big factor in winning games than in good old 13 card rummy.

The real kick of playing online rummy is to win cash. So by that measure the 13 Card Rummy gives both the experts and the amateurs a better chance to win cash. Need we say more?

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